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We'd love to have you join us for our morning worship every Sunday morning at Harvest Baptist Church. If for some reason you can't make it, we have a video and audio live stream available every week. If you're on-island, you can also listen live on 88.1 FM.

After our morning services, we provide a video and audio archive of the service.


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07/11/21Faith in the FireLarry NagengastDaniel 3:12-30PDF
07/04/21Overcoming Disappointment: The Power of TrustGary WaltonGenesis 39:20-40:23PDF
06/27/21Back To The BasicsMichael SaundersDeuteronomy 10:12-20PDF
06/20/21Leaving A BlessingGary WaltonGenesis 27:25-34PDF
06/13/21Overcoming Temptation: The Power of CharacterGary WaltonGenesis 39:1-20PDF
06/06/21Overcoming Rejection: The Power of CourageGary WaltonGenesis 37PDF
05/30/21A Matthew Party - Part 2Gary WaltonMark 2:13-17PDF
05/23/21A Matthew Party - Part 1Gary WaltonMark 2:13-17PDF
05/16/21Going Against the FlowMark Herbster1 Peter 3:15-16PDF
05/09/21Taught by GraceJacob SchnoorTitus 2:11-14PDF
05/02/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 22 | How to Stand Strong in the Storms of LifeGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:24-27PDF
04/25/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 21 | The Tragedy of Misplaced FaithGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:21-23PDF
04/18/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 20 | The Scoop on False TeachingGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:15-20PDF
04/11/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 19 | Life's Great Decision Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:13-14PDF
04/04/21Easter Service - The Door Is OpenGary WaltonPDF
03/28/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 18 | Is God Listening to MeGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:7-12PDF
03/21/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 17 | Speck Detectives!! - Part 2Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:1-6PDF
03/14/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 16 | Speck Detectives!! - Part 1Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 7:1-6PDF
03/07/21Missions Conference 2021Missions Conference
02/28/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 15 | God's Answer for WorryGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 6:25-34PDF
02/21/21Stay FocusedKlinton EthuemarNumbers 13PDF
02/14/21Our Hope In God's LoveKen KeithRomans 5:1-8PDF
02/07/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 14 | For Where Your Treasure IsGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 6:19-24PDF
01/31/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 13 | Prayer 101Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 6:5-15PDF
01/24/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 12 | Faith Without HypocrisyGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 6:1-4PDF
01/17/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 11 | Jesus Teaching on Wrongs & Rights - Part 2Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:38-42PDF
01/10/21Jesus Changes Everything | Part 10 | Jesus Teaching on Wrongs & Rights - Part 1Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:38-42PDF
01/03/21The Ultimate ResolutionBryan LenartzRomans 12:1-2PDF
12/27/2020IndescribableGary Walton2 Corinthians 9:15PDF
12/20/2020ImmanuelGary WaltonMatthew 1:22-25PDF
12/13/2020Genealogies and the Akha StoryGary WaltonMatthew 1:1-17PDF
12/06/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 9 | Jesus Teaching on Truth and PromisesGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:33-37PDF
11/29/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 8 | Jesus Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:31-32PDF
11/22/2020Giving Too Much
Gary WaltonExodus 35-36PDF
11/15/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 7 | Radical Amputation

Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:27-30PDF
11/08/2020Comfort One Another With These Words
Gary Walton1 Thessalonians 4-5
11/01/2020God Uses Broken Things

Larry NagengastJohn 11-12PDF
10/25/2020Gary Walton45th Anniversary
10/18/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 6 | Heeding The Sensual Warning Signs
Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:27-30PDF
10/11/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 5 | What To Do When You Are AngryGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:21-26PDF
10/04/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 4Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:17-20PDF
09/27/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 3Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:17-48PDF
09/20/2020Unified in ChristWill Galkin
09/13/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 2 | Be What You AreGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:13-16PDF
09/06/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 1Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:1-12PDF
08/30/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Introduction | Never Lose Sight of the Main ThingGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingHebrews 1:1-4; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5PDF
08/23/2020The Farewell TourGary WaltonThe Power Gf God2 Kings 2:1-15PDF
08/16/2020The Consequences of Our ChoicesGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 21-22PDF
08/09/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down - Part 2Gary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 19:1-18PDF
08/02/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down - Part 1Gary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 19:1-18PDF
07/26/2020Why Preach About Hell?Larry NagengastLuke 16:19-31PDF
07/19/2020Seeking AboveBryan LenartzColossians 3:1-4PDF
07/12/2020Do Not Lose Heart in the Ministry of the GospelKen Keith2 Corinthians 4:1PDF
07/05/2020Pursuing Our Mission PrioritiesGary Walton2 Timothy 2:3-4PDF
06/28/2020Let the Fire FallGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 18:21-46PDF
06/21/2020No Fence Sitting AllowedGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 18:21PDF
06/14/2020Who Can You TrustGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 17: 8-24PDF
06/07/2020Have You Seen the Power of God LatelyGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 17:1-7 &
2 Kings 2:14
05/31/2020The Other Side of the SeaGary WaltonNumbers 13PDF
05/24/2020You Can't Fight GodGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 12:1-25PDF
05/17/2020The First ChristiansGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 11:1-30PDF
05/10/2020Children Who Grow Up to Be Difference MakersGary WaltonExodus 2:1-10PDF
05/03/2020The Church in TransitionGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:32 - 10:48PDF
04/26/2020Captured by Christ Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:20-31PDF
04/19/2020Captured by ChristGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:1-19PDF
04/12/2020Resurrection HopeGary Walton1 Corinthians 15:12-20PDF
04/05/2020Seeking God Finding TruthGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:26-40PDF
03/29/2020The Faith That Does Not SaveGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:9-25PDF
03/22/2020Peace in the Storms of LifeGary WaltonMark 4:35-41PDF
03/15/2020In the Shadow of the Most HighGary WaltonPsalm 91PDF
03/08/2020How to Bring Joy to Your CityGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:1-8PDF
03/01/2020Stephen's SermonKen KeithPursuing Our MissionActs 7:1-53PDF
02/23/20Portrait Of A Faithful Witness Of Jesus ChristYoh ShiratoPursuing Our MissionActs 6:8-15PDF
02/19/20Liberating the Church - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 6:1-7PDF
02/12/20Real DisciplesPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Mark 8:34-38PDF
02/11/20Joyful GenerosityPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Philippians 4:10-20PDF
02/10/20Helping in the HarvestPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Matthew 9:35-38PDF
02/09/20The Lord's Love for the LostPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Luke 15:1-10PDF
02/02/20Liberating the ChurchGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 6:1-7PDF
01/26/20When the Church is Great - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 5:12-42PDF
01/19/20The Mask of HypocrisyGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 5:1-11PDF
01/12/20When the Church is Great - Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 4:31-37PDF
01/05/20Walking with God when the Path is not EasyGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 4:1-31PDF
12/29/19God's Rescue SquadGary Walton1 John 4:9-19PDF
12/22/19God's Amazing Love for You - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 3:1-26PDF
12/15/19God's Amazing Love for You - Part 1Gary Walton1 John 4:9-19PDF
12/01/19The God Who Pursues - Lessons from King ManassehKen Keith1 Kings 21PDF
11/24/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 4Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/17/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 3Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/10/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/03/19Called to Care - Orphan SundayGary WaltonJames 1:27PDF
10/27/19Foundations for a Healthy, Thriving Church - Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
10/20/19The Church in God's ProgramYoh ShiratoPursuing Our MissionPDF
10/13/19When God Pierces Your HeartGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:14-41PDF
10/06/19The Mission Made PossibleGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:1-13PDF
09/29/19The People that Make a DifferenceGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1:12-26PDF
09/25/19Restoring a Broken Relationship with God - Psalm 51Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 51PDF
09/24/19Following the Shepherd - Psalm 23Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 23 PDF
09/23/19Knowing the Mind of Christ - Psalm 22Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 22PDF
09/22/19So Happy! - Psalm 1Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 1PDF
09/22/19Overview of PsalmsDr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalmsPDF
09/15/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1PDF
09/08/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1:1-11PDF
09/01/19Spiritual Growth: 101Gary WaltonRomans12:1-2PDF
08/25/19Surrender: No Strings AttachedGary WaltonRomans12:1-2PDF
08/18/19Pray: God is ListeningGary WaltonActs 12:1-17PDF
08/11/19Vital Signs of a Healthy ChurchGary Walton1 Corinthians 12:12-31PDF
08/04/19Putting it All Together - Part 9Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of DavidPsalmsPDF
07/28/19Lessons from a Fallen Leader - Part 8Bryan LenartzLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 24PDF
07/21/19The Plight of a Passive Father - Part 7Larry NagengastLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 7-13PDF
07/14/19Crossroads of Sin - Part 6Ken KeithLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 11
07/14/19Eyes of UnderstandingMarty HerronEphesians 1:15-21PDF
07/07/19Learning to Obey God in Everything - Part 5Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 6:1-23PDF
06/28/19Bottoming Out - Part 4Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 19-23PDF
06/23/19Relationships with Genuine Friends - Part 3Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 18-20PDF
06/16/19Stand out FathersGary WaltonJob 1PDF
06/09/19Relationships Matter - Part 2Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 18-19PDF
06/02/19What is God Looking For? - Part 1Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 16:1-18PDF
05/26/19The Blessing of ForgivenessGary WaltonPsalm 32PDF
05/19/19Jesus Christ is the Only WayGary WaltonJohn 14:6PDF
05/12/19Laying a Heavy One on MomGary WaltonDeuteronomy 5:16PDF
05/05/19 Grace & My Financial Priorities - Part 10Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Corinthians 8:6-15PDF
04/28/19Grace & My Financial Priorities - Part 9Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Corinthians 8:1-5PDF
04/14/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 8Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 14PDF
04/07/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 7Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 14PDF
03/31/19Grace & My Family Relationships - Part 6Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceEphesians 5:21-6:4PDF
03/24/19Grace & My Personal Relationships - Part 5Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceEphesians 4:29-32PDF
03/17/19Growing in Grace: What is Grace? Part 4Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Peter 3:18PDF
03/10/19Grace & the God of Second Chances - Part 3
Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceLuke 15:11-32PDF
03/03/19Making Your Life CountGary WaltonActs 7:54-60PDF
02/24/19KHMG Storm ServiceGary WaltonRomans 12
02/17/19What is Grace? - Part 2Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 3:21-26PDF
02/10/19Supernatural Work of the Spirit in the Believer’s LifeKen KeithGalatians 5:13-26PDF
02/03/19What is Grace? - Part 1Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceJohn 1:14-18PDF
02/27/19The Matter of MaturityAlan Benson1 Corinthians 16:13-14PDF
01/20/19Is Religious Sincerity EnoughGary WaltonActs 10-11PDF
01/13/19God’s Plan for Your LifeGary WaltonRomans 8:28-39PDF
01/06/19A Passionate Life-QuestGary WaltonPhilippians 3:10-14PDF
12/30/18The After Christmas SpiritGary WaltonLuke 2:17-20PDF
12/23/18What Will You Do With Your King?Gary WaltonMatthew 2:1-18PDF
12/16/18Discipleship Still God's Plan, Part 2Gary WaltonMatthew 28:19-20PDF
12/09/18Discipleship Still God's Plan, Part 1Gary WaltonMatthew 28:19-20PDF
12/02/18Festival of LightsGary WaltonMatthew 1PDF