The Power of God

Join us on Sunday mornings as we take a look at Elijah.

DateTitleSpeakerArchived VideoNotesScripture
08/16/2020The Consequences of Our ChoicesGary WaltonVideoPDF1 Kings-21-22
08/09/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down - Part 2Gary WaltonVideoPDF1 Kings 19:1-18
08/02/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down? - Part 1Gary WaltonVideo
PDF1 Kings 19:1-18
06/28/2020Let the Fire FallGary WaltonVideo
PDF1 Kings 18:21-46
06/21/2020No Fence Sitting AllowedGary WaltonVideo
PDF1 Kings 18:21
06/14/2020Who Can You TrustGary WaltonVideo
PDF1 Kings 17: 8-24
06/07/2020Have You Seen the Power of God Lately?Gary WaltonVideo
PDF1 Kings 17:1-7 &
2 Kings 2:14


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