Pursuing Our Mission

Pursuing Our Mission Series

The series "Pursuing Our Mission" takes us on a journey through the first few chapters Acts in the New Testament. It acquaints us with the people of the early church, tells their stories, and establishes principles that will help us in our ministry. It provides a framework for examining ourselves and evaluating our church’s mission in the world.

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05/24/20You Can't Fight GodGary WaltonActs 12:1-25PDFVideo
05/17/20The First ChristiansGary WaltonActs 11:1-30PDFVideo
05/03/20The Church in TransitionGary WaltonActs 9:32 - 10:48PDFVideo
04/26/20Captured by Christ - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 9:20-31PDFVideo
04/19/20Caputred by Christ - Part 1Gary WaltonActs 9:1-19PDFVideo
04/05/20Seeking God Finding TruthGary WaltonActs 8:26-40PDFVideo
03/29/20The Faith That Does Not SaveGary WaltonActs 8:9-25PDFVideo
03/08/20How to Bring Joy to Your CityGary WaltonActs 8:1-8PDFVideo
03/01/20Stephen's SermonKen KeithActs 7:1-53PDFVideo
02/23/20Portrait Of A Faithful Witness Of Jesus ChristYoh ShiratoActs 6:8-15PDFVideo
02/19/20Liberating the Church - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 6:1-7PDFVideo
02/02/20Liberating the ChurchGary WaltonActs 6:1-7PDFVideo
01/26/20When the Church is Great - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 5:12-42PDF
01/19/20The Mask of HypocrisyGary WaltonActs 5:1-11PDFVideo
01/12/20When the Church is Great - Part 1Gary WaltonActs 4:31-37PDF

01/05/20Walking with God when the Path is not EasyGary WaltonActs 4:1-31PDFVideo
11/24/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 4Gary WaltonActs 2:41-47PDF
11/17/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 3Gary WaltonActs 2:41-47PDF
11/10/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 2:41-47PDF
10/27/19Foundations for a Healthy, Thriving Church - Part 1Gary WaltonActs 2:41-47PDF
10/20/19The Church in God's ProgramYoh ShiratoPDF
10/13/19When God Pierces Your HeartGary WaltonActs 2:14-41PDFVideo
10/06/19The Mission Made PossibleGary WaltonActs 2:1-13PDFVideo
09/29/19The People that Make a DifferenceGary WaltonActs 1:12-26PDFVideo
09/15/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 2Gary WaltonActs 1PDFVideo
09/08/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 1Gary WaltonActs 1:1-11PDFVideo
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