Pastor Marty Herron

The Sunday morning service is the highlight of our ministry week at Harvest. You can download the latest Sunday morning sermon or browse our archive here.

Pastor Marty Herron is also our speaker on a daily radio program called Heart of Harvest. The latest programs and a full archive are also available online.

January 2018

The latest sermons are listed first below. To download, right click on the file name and "Save link as" or "Save file as."

  1. Stewardship
  2. The Difficult Beauty of New Beginnings

  1. A Last Look at the Last Days
  2. Prince of Peace
  3. Mighty God

  1. Joyful Names
  2. Giving Living
  3. Training God's Children
  4. Connecting Hope and Holiness

  1. What is God's Will
  2. We Have This Treasure
  3. How Our Bible Came to Us
  4. A Surrendered Church
  5. Everybody Wants a Home

  1. Looking at your Spiritual Checkbook
  2. Worshipful Surrender
  3. Spiritual APGAR

  1. Surrender Part 2
  2. Surrender Part 1
  3. Body Building
  4. Understanding God's Will

  1. Red Sea Rules Part 2
  2. Red Sea Rules Part 1
  3. Remember Lot's Wife
  4. Raising a Godly Family
  5. Where is your Strength?

  1. Testimony in Tranquility
  2. Fathers Day
  3. Life in the Spirit

  1. Memorial
  2. Every Person Needs a Home

  1. Living a Fruitful Life
  2. If the devil walked into the room, would you recognize him?
  3. Easter Sunday
  4. Living Victoriously
  5. Living Beyond Your Spiritual Capacity

  1. Freedom to Serve, Part 2
  2. Freedom to Serve, Part 1
  3. Partnering for the Gospel

  1. February 26, 2017
  2. February 19, 2017
  3. February 12, 2017