October 2020

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Pastor Gary Walton

The Sunday morning service is the highlight of our ministry week. You can download the latest Sunday morning sermon or browse our archive here.

Pastor Gary Walton is our primary speaker. His messages are broadcast live on 88.1 FM and khmg.org and can also be seen via video live stream.

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10/11/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 5Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:21-26PDF
10/04/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 4Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:17-20PDF
09/27/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 3Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:17-48PDF
09/20/2020Unified in ChristWill Galkin
09/13/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 2 | Be What You AreGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:13-16PDF
09/06/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Part 1Gary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingMatthew 5:1-12PDF
08/30/2020Jesus Changes Everything | Introduction | Never Lose Sight of the Main ThingGary WaltonJesus Changes EverythingHebrews 1:1-4; 1 Corinthians 2:1-5PDF
08/23/2020The Farewell TourGary WaltonThe Power Gf God2 Kings 2:1-15PDF
08/16/2020The Consequences of Our ChoicesGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 21-22PDF
08/09/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down - Part 2Gary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 19:1-18PDF
08/02/2020How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down - Part 1Gary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 19:1-18PDF
07/26/2020Why Preach About Hell?Larry NagengastLuke 16:19-31PDF
07/19/2020Seeking AboveBryan LenartzColossians 3:1-4PDF
07/12/2020Do Not Lose Heart in the Ministry of the GospelKen Keith2 Corinthians 4:1PDF
07/05/2020Pursuing Our Mission PrioritiesGary Walton2 Timothy 2:3-4PDF
06/28/2020Let the Fire FallGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 18:21-46PDF
06/21/2020No Fence Sitting AllowedGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 18:21PDF
06/14/2020Who Can You TrustGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 17: 8-24PDF
06/07/2020Have You Seen the Power of God LatelyGary WaltonThe Power Of God1 Kings 17:1-7 &
2 Kings 2:14
05/31/2020The Other Side of the SeaGary WaltonNumbers 13PDF
05/24/2020You Can't Fight GodGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 12:1-25PDF
05/17/2020The First ChristiansGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 11:1-30PDF
05/10/2020Children Who Grow Up to Be Difference MakersGary WaltonExodus 2:1-10PDF
05/03/2020The Church in TransitionGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:32 - 10:48PDF
04/26/2020Captured by Christ Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:20-31PDF
04/19/2020Captured by ChristGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 9:1-19PDF
04/12/2020Resurrection HopeGary Walton1 Corinthians 15:12-20PDF
04/05/2020Seeking God Finding TruthGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:26-40PDF
03/29/2020The Faith That Does Not SaveGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:9-25PDF
03/22/2020Peace in the Storms of LifeGary WaltonMark 4:35-41PDF
03/15/2020In the Shadow of the Most HighGary WaltonPsalm 91PDF
03/08/2020How to Bring Joy to Your CityGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 8:1-8PDF
03/01/2020Stephen's SermonKen KeithPursuing Our MissionActs 7:1-53PDF
02/23/20Portrait Of A Faithful Witness Of Jesus ChristYoh ShiratoPursuing Our MissionActs 6:8-15PDF
02/19/20Liberating the Church - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 6:1-7PDF
02/12/20Real DisciplesPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Mark 8:34-38PDF
02/11/20Joyful GenerosityPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Philippians 4:10-20PDF
02/10/20Helping in the HarvestPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Matthew 9:35-38PDF
02/09/20The Lord's Love for the LostPatrick OdleMissions Conference - 2020Luke 15:1-10PDF
02/02/20Liberating the ChurchGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 6:1-7PDF
01/26/20When the Church is Great - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 5:12-42PDF
01/19/20The Mask of HypocrisyGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 5:1-11PDF
01/12/20When the Church is Great - Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 4:31-37PDF
01/05/20Walking with God when the Path is not EasyGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 4:1-31PDF
12/29/19God's Rescue SquadGary Walton1 John 4:9-19PDF
12/22/19God's Amazing Love for You - Part 2Gary WaltonActs 3:1-26PDF
12/15/19God's Amazing Love for You - Part 1Gary Walton1 John 4:9-19PDF
12/01/19The God Who Pursues - Lessons from King ManassehKen Keith1 Kings 21PDF
11/24/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 4Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/17/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 3Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/10/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church - Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
11/03/19Called to Care - Orphan SundayGary WaltonJames 1:27PDF
10/27/19Foundations for a Healthy, Thriving Church - Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:41-47PDF
10/20/19The Church in God's ProgramYoh ShiratoPursuing Our MissionPDF
10/13/19When God Pierces Your HeartGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:14-41PDF
10/06/19The Mission Made PossibleGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 2:1-13PDF
09/29/19The People that Make a DifferenceGary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1:12-26PDF
09/25/19Restoring a Broken Relationship with God - Psalm 51Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 51PDF
09/24/19Following the Shepherd - Psalm 23Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 23 PDF
09/23/19Knowing the Mind of Christ - Psalm 22Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 22PDF
09/22/19So Happy! - Psalm 1Dr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalms 1PDF
09/22/19Overview of PsalmsDr. Jason Ormiston Summit MeetingsPsalmsPDF
09/15/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 2Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1PDF
09/08/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 1Gary WaltonPursuing Our MissionActs 1:1-11PDF
09/01/19Spiritual Growth: 101Gary WaltonRomans12:1-2PDF
08/25/19Surrender: No Strings AttachedGary WaltonRomans12:1-2PDF
08/18/19Pray: God is ListeningGary WaltonActs 12:1-17PDF
08/11/19Vital Signs of a Healthy ChurchGary Walton1 Corinthians 12:12-31PDF
08/04/19Putting it All Together - Part 9Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of DavidPsalmsPDF
07/28/19Lessons from a Fallen Leader - Part 8Bryan LenartzLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 24PDF
07/21/19The Plight of a Passive Father - Part 7Larry NagengastLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 7-13PDF
07/14/19Crossroads of Sin - Part 6Ken KeithLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 11
07/14/19Eyes of UnderstandingMarty HerronEphesians 1:15-21PDF
07/07/19Learning to Obey God in Everything - Part 5Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David2 Samuel 6:1-23PDF
06/28/19Bottoming Out - Part 4Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 19-23PDF
06/23/19Relationships with Genuine Friends - Part 3Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 18-20PDF
06/16/19Stand out FathersGary WaltonJob 1PDF
06/09/19Relationships Matter - Part 2Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 18-19PDF
06/02/19What is God Looking For? - Part 1Gary WaltonLessons from the Life of David1 Samuel 16:1-18PDF
05/26/19The Blessing of ForgivenessGary WaltonPsalm 32PDF
05/19/19Jesus Christ is the Only WayGary WaltonJohn 14:6PDF
05/12/19Laying a Heavy One on MomGary WaltonDeuteronomy 5:16PDF
05/05/19 Grace & My Financial Priorities - Part 10Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Corinthians 8:6-15PDF
04/28/19Grace & My Financial Priorities - Part 9Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Corinthians 8:1-5PDF
04/14/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 8Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 14PDF
04/07/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 7Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 14PDF
03/31/19Grace & My Family Relationships - Part 6Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceEphesians 5:21-6:4PDF
03/24/19Grace & My Personal Relationships - Part 5Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceEphesians 4:29-32PDF
03/17/19Growing in Grace: What is Grace? Part 4Gary WaltonGrowing in Grace2 Peter 3:18PDF
03/10/19Grace & the God of Second Chances - Part 3
Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceLuke 15:11-32PDF
03/03/19Making Your Life CountGary WaltonActs 7:54-60PDF
02/24/19KHMG Storm ServiceGary WaltonRomans 12
02/17/19What is Grace? - Part 2Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceRomans 3:21-26PDF
02/10/19Supernatural Work of the Spirit in the Believer’s LifeKen KeithGalatians 5:13-26PDF
02/03/19What is Grace? - Part 1Gary WaltonGrowing in GraceJohn 1:14-18PDF
02/27/19The Matter of MaturityAlan Benson1 Corinthians 16:13-14PDF
01/20/19Is Religious Sincerity EnoughGary WaltonActs 10-11PDF
01/13/19God’s Plan for Your LifeGary WaltonRomans 8:28-39PDF
01/06/19A Passionate Life-QuestGary WaltonPhilippians 3:10-14PDF
12/30/18The After Christmas SpiritGary WaltonLuke 2:17-20PDF
12/23/18What Will You Do With Your King?Gary WaltonMatthew 2:1-18PDF
12/16/18Discipleship Still God's Plan, Part 2Gary WaltonMatthew 28:19-20PDF
12/09/18Discipleship Still God's Plan, Part 1Gary WaltonMatthew 28:19-20PDF
12/02/18Festival of LightsGary WaltonMatthew 1PDF
11/25/18A Psalm of ThanksgivingGary WaltonPsalm 100PDF

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