10 Foolish Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives

It’s not a list you want to follow, but it’s a list you need to know! In this series we explore each of the ten commandments and how failing to obey can mess up your life.

Getting Our AttentionAudioVideoNotes
Failing to Establish Our Spiritual FoundationAudioVideoNotes
Worshiping the Right God in the Wrong WayAudioVideoNotes
Treating God’s Name CarelesslyAudioVideoNotes
Failing to Honor God’s Day Part 1AudioVideoNotes
Failing to Honor God’s Day Part 2AudioVideoNotes
Neglecting to Honor Our ParentsAudioVideoNotes
Cheapening the Value of LifeAudioVideoNotes
Ignoring Sensual Warning SignsAudioVideoNotes
Stealing What Belongs to AnotherAudioVideoNotes
Failing to Tell the TruthAudioVideoNotes
Becoming Dissatisfied With God’s Plan for My LifeAudioVideoNotes
It’s All About the HeartAudioVideoNotes