Summit Meetings 2021

Will Galkin

Our annual Summit Meetings at Harvest Baptist Church were held from September 26-29, 2021 and featured Evangelist Will Galkin.

Will presently serves as a pastor at Gospel Grace Church in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he coordinates the outreach and church-planting efforts of the church.  Gospel Grace Church began in 2012 as a church-plant which was a result of a burden of Will and three other pastors.

Having traveled across the United States for 19 years as an evangelist, Will brings unique gifts, abilities, and opportunities to mobilize co-laborers from across the country for the purpose of strategic church planting.  Will and his wife, Christy, have five children with the two oldest being in college.

If you would like to listen, view, or download the messages from this year's Summit Meetings, see below.

9/26/2019We All Need GraceAudioVideo
9/26/2019Let This MindAudioVideo
9/27/2019Jesus is EnoughAudioVideo
9/28/2019We Have This Ministry-Authentic and TrueAudioVideo
9/29/2019Disciple MakingAudioVideo
Summit 2021
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