Current Classes and Events

This Week's Announcements

Watch the announcement video from our most recent Sunday morning service. We include invitations to upcoming events, details about specific ministries around the church, and other important information. You can always find the latest announcement video here or on our announcements page.

Adult Bible Fellowships, Children & Youth

Adult Bible Fellowships are classes that meet on Sunday evenings. During these gatherings you will experience strong teaching and great fellowship. Most groups are designed around various life stages with options for everyone. Many groups will gather beyond Sunday evenings for special events.

If interested in finding out specific, group information, please call our church office at 671-477-6341 or fill out our communication card.

First Steps

  • Discovery
    • led by Pastor Gary Walton
    • This class is designed for those wanting to grow in their Christian faith and understanding of Christianity.
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Church Conference Room
  • Foundations
    • led by Pastor Jeremy Zajicek
    • This class is designed for those interested in learning more about Harvest Baptist Church.
    • Foundations is a prerequisite for membership.
    • Offered rotationally (see Visitor Center) | Sunday 6:00pm | Church Office

Family Groups

  • Young Marrieds
    • led by Pastor Ken Keith
    • Designed for couples who are married without children (or with infant children)
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Hebrews Coffee Shop
  • Young Families
    • led by Pastor Bryan Lenartz
    • Designed for families with kids ranging from newborn to 6th grade
    • Sunday 6:00pm | 136 Bibic St., Barrigada
  • Home Builders
    • led by Scott Larkin
    • Designed for families with kids ranging from middle school to college
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Family Life Center - Room 107

Open to All Adults

  • Learn to Study
    • led by Chris Harper 
    • For any adult
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Church Auditorium
  • Book of Acts
    • led by Joel Wagner
    • For any adult
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Church Music Room

Young Adult

  • Young Pros
    • led by Pastor Jake Schnoor
    • Designed for those starting their young professional lives
    • Ages typically are 20s and 30s
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Family Life Center - Roof


  • Japanese Study (in Japanese)
    • led by Dr. Yoh Shirato
    • Designed for Japanese speakers
    • Sunday 10:00am | 3-Story School Building - 111
  • Micronesian
    • led by Pastor Klinton Ethuemar
    • Designed for those who were born in our neighboring Micronesian Islands
    • Sunday 6:00pm| Cafeteria


  • Nursery
    • led by Miranda Royston
    • Nursery is designed for newborns through 2-year-old children
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Church Building - Nursery
  • Young Kids
    • led by Pastor Wade Peltier
    • Designed for 2- to 5-year-old children
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Early Learning Center


  • Children 2 Christ (Children's Ministry)
    • led by Pastor Wade Peltier
    • Designed to help kids from 1st grade through 6th grade
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Early Learning Center
  • Heart 4 Christ (Teen Ministry)
    • led by Pastor Josh Butler
    • Designed to help teens from 7th grade through 12th grade
    • Sunday 6:00pm | Family Life Center - Gym

Men's Bible Studies

  • Book of Revelation
    • led by Dr. Yoh Shirato
    • Monday  | 8:00pm | HeBrew's Cafe
  • Book of Mark
    • led by Pastor Ken Keith
    • Wednesday | 6:00am | Conference Room
  • Disciplines of a Godly Man
    • led by Pastor Gary Walton
    • Friday | 12:00pm | Micronesia Mall
  • Learning and Applying the Bible
    • led by Pastor Jake Schnoor
    • Saturday | 8:30am | Conference Room

Ladies' Bible Studies

  • Even If: A Study of Habakkuk 
    • taught by Lindsay Nagengast/Sam Keith
    • Monday (bi-weekly) | 7:00pm | Conference Room
    • Starting January 24
  • Come and See - A Study on the Book of John
    • taught by Jackie Nagengast
    • Thursday | 10:30am | Conference Room
  • Risen Motherhood
    • taught by Amy Lenartz
    • Friday (bi-weekly) | 9:30am | 136 Bibic Street, Barrigada
  • I Corinthians
    • taught by Bonnie Dongon/Deborah Harper
    • Saturday (bi-weekly) | 10:00am | Guahan Court Condominiums - F21, Barrigada
  • Ladies Prayer Dinners 
    • Second week of the month | 6:00pm | Cafeteria


Other Bible Studies

  • Selected Scriptures (All Adults)
    • led by Pastor Jake Schnoor/James Cross
    • Tuesday (bi-weekly) | 6:15pm | Alternate Locations
  • Inductive Study through selected Scriptures (All Adults)
    • led by Ben Borja
    • Wednesday | 5:45pm | Blue Tent
  • NextGen Bible Study (College)
    • led by Pastor Jake Schnoor
    • Wednesday | 7:00pm | HeBrew’s Café
  • Gospel of John (Young Pros)
    • led by Pastor Jake Schnoor
    • Thursday | 6:00pm | Family Life Center Reception Hall

Biblical Counseling Training - 2022

Since 1977, Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry has been offering counseling and training based on God’s sufficient Word that seeks to take the truth of the gospel and address issues in ways that are biblical, compassionate, and comprehensive. By God’s grace and to His glory, tens of thousands of women and men have been trained using these principles in the US and around the world. This year Faith Lafayette is bringing their counselling conference to Guam in partnership with Harvest Baptist Church.

Training price is normally $199 -$229, but Harvest has been given a special conference price of $149 (As well as a $25 off early bird special with code “EarlyBird”).

The conference will take place over two weekends. March 24-27 & April 21-23.