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The Sunday morning service is the highlight of our ministry week. Links to sermon audio, video, and notes can all be found below.

Pastor Gary Walton is our primary speaker. His messages are also broadcast live on 88.1 FM and and can be seen on our video live stream.

06/16/24God Still Moves! Part 2Gary WaltonAudioNotes
06/09/24God Still Moves!Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/02/24Just Keep Walking Part 5Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/26/24Just Keep Walking Part 4Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/19/24The Work of ReconciliationDavid AndersonAudioVideoNotes
05/12/24Just Keep Walking Part 3Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/05/24Just Keep Walking Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/28/24Just Keep WalkingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/21/24Hope in the Promised Return of Jesus and the Inspired WordRob GreenAudioVideoNotes
04/14/24Investing in God’s Kingdom Part 4Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/07/24Investing in God’s Kingdom Part 3Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/31/24Easter – Overcoming the Sting of DeathGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/24/24Investing in God’s Kingdom Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/17/24Investing in God’s KingdomGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/10/24The Go TeamGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/03/24Investing for EternityMike SproulAudioVideoNotes
02/24/25A Prayer for Spiritual PowerBryan LenartzAudioVideoNotes
02/18/24Only the Beginning of What God Can DoWade PeltierAudioVideoNotes
02/11/24Keeping Yourself in God’s LoveJake SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
02/04/24It’s All About the HeartGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/28/24How Broken Disciple become DisciplersDean TaylorAudioVideoNotes
01/21/24Becoming Dissatisfied With God’s Plan for My LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/14/24His Last Command – My First ConcernKen KeltnerAudioVideoNotes
01/07/24Failing to Tell the TruthGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/31/23Stealing What Belongs to AnotherNoah KephartAudioVideoNotes
12/24/23The MagnificatGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/17/23What Do You Do When You Feel Like God Has Let You Down?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/10/23What Child Is This?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/03/23Ignoring Sensual Warning SignsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/26/23Cheapening the Value of LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/19/23Neglecting to Honor Our ParentsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/12/23Failing to Honor God’s Day Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/05/23Failing to Honor God’s Day Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideo
10/30/23Jesus Is GreaterKevin InafukuAudioVideoNotes
10/22/23From the Pain of the Cross to the Promise of ParadiseLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
10/15/23Principles of Powerful LivingJake SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
10/08/23Treating God’s Name CarelesslyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/01/23Worshiping the Right God in the Wrong WayGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/24/23The Heart of God Toward SinnersPhil HuntAudioVideoNotes
09/17/23Failing to Establish Our Spiritual FoundationsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/10/23Getting Our AttentionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/03/23People Matter to GodGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/27/234 Commitments of a Disciple Making Church Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/20/234 Commitments of a Disciple Making Church Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideo
08/13/23The Road to BlessingJared BaldwinAudioVideoNotes
08/06/23I Am the Alpha and OmegaGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/30/23I Am The True VineGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/23/23I Am The Way, The Truth, And The Life Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/16/23I Am The Resurrection And The LifeJake SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
07/09/23I Am The Good ShepherdKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
07/02/23I Am The DoorGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/25-23I Am the Light of the WorldGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/18/23Portrait of a Godly ManGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/11/23I Am the Bread of LifeYoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
06/04/23Who Do You Say I AmGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/21/23Do You Love God?Jim TillotsonAudioVideo
05/14/23Parenting BasicsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/07/23The Grasshopper Complex Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/30/23The Grasshopper Complex Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/23/23The “If Only” SyndromeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/16/23The Story of SamsonLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
04/09/23EasterGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/02/23Friendship With GodGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/26/23Next Stop, EternityBob Jones IIIAudioVideoNotes
03/19/23How to Lose Your Spiritual Way in 40 Days or LessGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/12/233 Steps Forward 2 Steps BackGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/05/23When There’s Nowhere to TurnGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
02/26/23The Setting, The Spectacal, The SaviorNathan MestlerAudioVideoNotes
02/19/23Worship the Lord for His GloryYoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
02/12/23God’s Purpose for the PlaguesJake SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
02/05/23You Can Trust GodGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/29/23He Sees your PainGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/22/23Fearfully and Wonderfully MadeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/15/23The Go TeamGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/08/23God’s WordGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/01/23This One Thing I DoKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
12/25/225 Reasons Jesus CameLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
12/18/22Fear’s Ultimate AnswerGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/11/22Is There Room in You Heart for God?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/04/22God Always Writes the Last ChapterGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/27/22Do You Know Who Your Redeemer Is?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/20/22Finding God’s Hand in the “Coincidences” or Life Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/13/22Finding God’s Hand in the “Coincidences” or Life Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/06/22Starting Over When You Don’t Feel Like It Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/30/22Anniversary Service – Fingerprints of GodMarty HerronAudioVideoNotes
10/23/22You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/16/22Shining in DarknessJake SchnoorAudioVideo
10/09/22True Community Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/02/22True Community Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/25/22He Will Keep YouAaron ScottAudioVideoNotes
09/18/22Salt and Light Part 3Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/11/22Church as the Body of ChristYoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
09/04/22HeavenLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
08/28/22Completely Equipped for Good WorksKen KeithAudioVideo
08/21/22Salt and Light Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/14/22Why do the Heathen Rage?Les OllilaAudioVideoNotes
08/07/22Salt and LightGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/31/22Lifelines of Joyful PraiseJake SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
07/24/22MosesJosh ButlerAudioVideoNotes
07/17/22Can I Really Change?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/10/22Yes! Christians can really Change.Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/03/22Living With God’s BlessingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/26/22A Christian Meal PlanMichael EgerdahlAudioVideoNotes
06/19/22Knowing God as Your “Really Father”Yoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
06/12/22God’s Plan for Your LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/05/22AAARRRGGGHHH!Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/29/22The Family of GodGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/22/22Standard Spiritual EquipmentGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/15/22No Superstar Christians HereGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/08/22Christians and the LawGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/01/22The Power of a Mother’s FaithLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
04/24/22Are Transformed Lives Possible?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/17/22Hope: An Easter CelebrationGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/10/22The Need For Change – Part 2Gary WaltonAudio VideoNotes
04/03/22The Need for Change – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/27/22Learning to Treasure the Word of GodSteve ViarsAudioVideoNotes
03/20/22Man’s Dilemma | God’s SolutionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/13/22What Good is Suffering?
Gary WaltonAudio
03/06/22Can I Really Change?Gary WaltonAudioVideo
02/27/22When It Is All Said and DoneLes HeinzeAudioVideo
02/20/22The Nations Need to HearKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
02/13/22A Life of ImpactBryan LenartzAudioVideoNotes
02/06/22Medicine for a Restless SoulLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
01/30/22Building a Home That Will Last – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/23/22Building a Home That Will Last – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/16/225 Marks of An End Times ChurchJosh ButlerAudioVideoNotes
01/09/22Why Are You So AfraidKevin InafukuAudioVideoNotes
01/02/22Which Way are your Toes PointingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/26/21Joy To The WorldGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/19/21Christmas ProgramGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/12/21HBBC – Away in a MangerGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/05/21Joseph and the Christmas StoryGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/28/21Memorials – What Do These Stones Mean?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/21/21How Can I Be Rescued?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/14/21Orphan Sunday – Expressing CompassionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/07/21Is There an Answer? Part 2Gary Walton AudioVideoNotes
10/31/21Is There an Answer? Part 1Gary Walton AudioVideoNotes
10/24/21Is Sin Serious?Gary Walton AudioVideoNotes
10/17/21What in the World Went Wrong? Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/10/21What in the World Went Wrong? Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/03/21Establishing FoundationsGary Walton AudioVideoNotes
09/29/21Disciple MakingWill GalkinAudioVideo
09/28/21We Have This Ministry – Authentic and TrueWill GalkinAudioVideo
09/27/21Jesus is EnoughWill GalkinAudioVideo
09/26/21Let This MindWill GalkinAudioVideo
09/26/21We All Need GraceWill GalkinAudioVideoNotes
09/19/21Serve GoGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/12/21Come GrowGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/05/21Vision Sunday
Gary WaltonAudio
08/29/21Living Life on Mission
Gary WaltonAudio
08/22/21Living Life in Community
Gary WaltonAudio
08/15/21Living a Contagious Life
Gary WaltonAudio
08/08/21How Can We Know the Way?Jim BennettAudioVideo
08/01/21Overcoming Bitterness: The Power of ForgivenessGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/25/21Overcoming Success: The Power of IntegrityGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/18/21Faith in the FightJacob SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
07/11/21Faith in the FireLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
07/04/21Overcoming Disappointment: The Power of TrustGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/27/21Back To The BasicsMichael SaundersAudioVideoNotes
06/20/21Leaving A BlessingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/13/21Overcoming Temptation: The Power of CharacterGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/06/21Overcoming Rejection: The Power of CourageGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/30/21A Matthew Party – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/23/21A Matthew Party – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/16/21Going Against the FlowMark HerbsterAudioVideoNotes
05/09/21Taught by GraceJacob SchnoorAudioVideoNotes
05/02/21How to Stand Strong in the Storms of LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/25/21The Tragedy of Misplaced FaithGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/18/21The Scoop on False TeachingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/11/21Life’s Great DecisionGary WaltonAudio VideoNotes
04/04/21Easter Service – The Door Is OpenGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/28/21Is God Listening to MeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/21/21Speck Detectives!! – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/14/21Speck Detectives!! – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/07/21A Fruitful Life by A Sacrificial DeathBrian TrainerAudioVideo
02/28/21God’s Answer for WorryGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
02/21/21Stay FocusedKlinton EthuemarAudioVideoNotes
02/14/21Our Hope In God’s LoveKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
02/07/21For Where Your Treasure IsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/31/21Prayer 101Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/24/21Faith Without HypocrisyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/17/21Jesus’ Teaching on Wrongs & Rights – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/10/21Jesus’ Teaching on Wrongs & Rights – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/03/21The Ultimate ResolutionBryan LenartzAudioVideoNotes
12/27/20IndescribableGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/20/20ImmanuelGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/13/20Genealogies and the Akha StoryGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/06/20Jesus’ Teaching on Truth and PromisesGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/29/20Jesus’ Teaching on Marriage and Divorce
Gary WaltonAudio
11/22/20Giving Too Much
Gary WaltonAudio
11/15/20Radical AmputationGary WaltonAudio
11/08/20Comfort One Another With These Words
Gary WaltonAudio
11/01/20God Uses Broken ThingsLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
10/25/2045th AnniversaryGary WaltonAudioVideo
10/18/20Heeding The Sensual Warning Signs
Gary WaltonAudio
10/11/20What To Do When You Are AngryGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/04/20Jesus Changes Everything – Part 4Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/27/20Jesus Changes Everything – Part 3Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/20/20Unified in ChristWill GalkinAudioVideo
09/13/20Jesus Changes Everything – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/06/20Jesus Changes Everything – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/30/20Jesus Changes Everything – IntroductionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/23/20The Farewell TourGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/16/20The Consequences of Our ChoicesGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/09/20How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/02/20How Can I Look Up When I Feel So Down – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/26/20Why Preach About Hell?Larry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
07/19/20Seeking AboveBryan LenartzAudioVideoNotes
07/12/20Do Not Lose Heart in the Ministry of the GospelKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
07/05/20Pursuing Our Mission PrioritiesGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/28/20Let the Fire FallGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/21/20No Fence Sitting AllowedGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/14/20Who Can You TrustGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/07/20Have You Seen the Power of God LatelyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/31/20The Other Side of the SeaGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/24/20You Can’t Fight GodGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/17/20The First ChristiansGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/10/20Children Who Grow Up to Be Difference MakersGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/03/20The Church in TransitionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/26/20Captured by Christ Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/19/20Captured by ChristGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/12/20Resurrection HopeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/05/20Seeking God Finding TruthGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/29/20The Faith That Does Not SaveGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/22/20Peace in the Storms of LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/15/20In the Shadow of the Most HighGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/08/20How to Bring Joy to Your CityGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/01/20Stephen’s SermonKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
02/23/20Portrait Of A Faithful Witness Of Jesus ChristYoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
02/16/20Liberating the Church – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
02/12/20Real DisciplesPatrick OdleAudioNotes
02/11/20Joyful GenerosityPatrick OdleAudioNotes
02/10/20Helping in the HarvestPatrick OdleAudioNotes
02/09/20The Lord’s Love for the LostPatrick OdleAudioNotes
02/02/20Liberating the ChurchGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/26/20When the Church is Great – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/19/20The Mask of HypocrisyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/12/20When the Church is Great – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/05/20Walking with God when the Path is not EasyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/29/19God’s Rescue SquadGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/22/19God’s Amazing Love for You – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/15/19God’s Amazing Love for You – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/01/19The God Who Pursues – Lessons from King ManassehKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
11/24/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church – Part 4Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/17/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church – Part 3Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/10/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/03/19Called to Care – Orphan SundayGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/27/19Foundations for a Healthy Thriving Church – Part 1Gary WaltonAuidoVideoNotes
10/20/19The Church in God’s ProgramYoh ShiratoAudioVideoNotes
10/13/19When God Pierces Your HeartGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/06/19The Mission Made PossibleGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/29/19The People that Make a DifferenceGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/25/19Restoring a Broken Relationship with God – Psalm 51Jason OrmistonAudioNotes
09/24/19Following the Shepherd – Psalm 23Jason OrmistonAudioNotes
09/23/19Knowing the Mind of Christ – Psalm 22Jason OrmistonAudioNotes
09/22/19So Happy! – Psalm 1Jason OrmistonAudioNotes
09/22/19Overview of PsalmsJason OrmistonAudioVideoNotes
09/15/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/08/19Pursuing our Mission: Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/01/19Spiritual Growth: 101Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/25/19Surrender: No Strings AttachedGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/18/19Pray: God is ListeningGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/11/19Vital Signs of a Healthy ChurchGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/04/19Putting it All TogetherGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
07/28/19Lessons from a Fallen Leader Bryan LenartzAudioVideoNotes
07/21/19The Plight of a Passive FatherLarry NagengastAudioVideoNotes
07/14/19Eyes of UnderstandingMarty HerronAudioVideoNotes
07/07/19Learning to Obey God in EverythingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/30/19Bottoming Out Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/23/19Relationships with Genuine FriendsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/16/19Stand out FathersGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/09/19Relationships Matter Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
06/02/19What is God Looking For? Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/26/19The Blessing of ForgivenessGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/19/19Jesus Christ is the Only WayGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/12/19Laying a Heavy One on MomGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
05/05/19Grace & My Financial Priorities Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/28/19Grace & My Financial Priorities Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/21/19He has OvercomeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/14/19Grace & My Personal Convictions Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
04/07/19Grace & My Personal Convictions Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/31/19Grace & My Family Relationships Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/24/19Grace & My Personal Relationships Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/17/19Grace & My Spiritual GrowthGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
03/10/19Grace & the God of Second Chances
Gary WaltonAudio
03/03/19Making Your Life CountGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
02/24/19KHMG Storm ServiceGary WaltonAudio
02/17/19What is Grace? – Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
02/10/19Supernatural Work of the Spirit in the Believer’s LifeKen KeithAudioVideoNotes
02/03/19What is Grace? – Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/27/19The Matter of MaturityAlan BensonAudioVideoNotes
01/20/19Is Religious Sincerity EnoughGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/13/19God’s Plan for Your LifeGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
01/06/19A Passionate Life-QuestGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/30/18The After Christmas SpiritGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/23/18What Will You Do With Your King?Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/16/18Discipleship Still God’s Plan, Part 2Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/09/18Discipleship Still God’s Plan, Part 1Gary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
12/02/18Festival of LightsGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/25/18Psalm of ThanksgivingGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/18/18Fueled by PrayerGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/11/18Love in ActionGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
11/04/18Why I Love the ChurchGary WaltonAuidoVideoNotes
10/28/18Wreck the RoofGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/21/18The Sufficiency of ScriptureGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/14/18Falling to our Faces in WorshipGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
10/07/18Bowing Before His HolinessGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/30/18Gripped By His WorksGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/23/18Living By Faith vs. Failing in FrustrationJim TillotsonAudioVideo
09/16/18Trusting His SovereigntyGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/09/18Comprehending His AwesomenessGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
09/02/18The Central Theme of the Whole UniverseGary WaltonAudioVideoNotes
08/26/18When God Changes EverythingMarty HerronAudioVideo
08/19/18TeamMary Herron, Gary WaltonAudioVideo

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