Summit Meetings 2023

Our 2023 Summit Meetings at Harvest Baptist Church were held September 24-27, 2023 and featured missionary Phil Hunt. Phil and Lori Hunt have been church-planting missionaries in Africa since 1992. In 1993, they helped start Faith Baptist Church of Riverside, Kitwe, Zambia, which has since planted several other churches in the area.

In 2015, they partnered with a new team to start Kitwe Church, where Phil now serves as the Pastor for Preaching & Vision. Phil's goal is to spread the gospel to every village, town and city in Africa through healthy, reproducing local churches.

In 2006, Central Africa Baptist University was founded in Kitwe, Zambia , and Phil has served as the President there since its inception. Phil and Lori also founded Faith Children's Village Orphanage in 2003, which is now under Zambian leadership. Phil remains on the FCV Africa Board of Directors  He has also served as the Africa Director for IBMGlobal, an international missionary sending agency based in the USA.

Download audio and video from the 2023 Summit Meetings below.

Phil Hunt
Rejecting God's Love for SinnersAudioVideo
The Theology of Jonah in This PrayerAudioVideo
Jonah and the Will of GodAudioVideo
7 Ingredients to the Call of GodAudioVideoNotes
The Heart of God Toward SinnersAudioVideoNotes

Harvest Time with Phil Hunt

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