Post-Storm Update

Dear Church Family,

We are so thankful for God’s protection during these past few days. In God’s providence, He saw fit to speed Mangkhut up a bit, allowing it to come over Guam without picking up the extreme wind speeds that were predicted. I believe that we can all praise God for this answer to our prayers!

Our pastors and deacons are in the process of making sure that all church families are okay. In addition, we have a few work teams that are being organized this afternoon. Church and ministry staff are being called in this afternoon to begin putting the campus back together. If you are in need of some help at your home or have a friend or family member who could use help in clean-up, please let us know. Pastor Ken (487-1851) or Pastor Bryan (888-5639) are the best contact points.

The campus is in relatively good shape. We had one large tree go down on the lower playground, but the rest of campus sustained relatively minor damage.

By noon tomorrow, we will make a decision about a midweek gathering for tomorrow night; however, we have already confirmed that there will be no evening programs – Family Academy, C2C, H4C. Stay tuned for further updates. We will communicate further information on KHMG, Facebook and our website.

The Harvest team showed some of its best qualities during these past few days! I am grateful to be part of it all and am eager to hear the testimonies of how God has used you during these days to help His name “be exalted in the earth” Ps. 46:10.

Growing in grace and truth,

Pastor Gary