Growing in Grace Series

Pastor Gary Walton

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On Sunday morning February 3, Pastor Walton began the sermon series called Growing in Grace.  You can listen to all sermons as well view sermons notes from that series here.  The more we see “grace” in the Bible, the more it becomes obvious — you can’t understand the Christian life at all, unless you understand grace!  In this series we are embarking on a study of this multi-faceted idea of grace and praying that God would expand our understanding and vision for being grace-permeated Christians!

04/14/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 8Romans 14PDF download
04/07/19Grace & My Personal Convictions - Part 7Romans 14PDF download
03/31/19Grace & My Family Relationships - Part 6Ephesians 5:21-6:4PDF download
03/24/19Grace & My Personal Relationships - Part 5Ephesians 4:29-32PDF download
03/17/19Grace & My Spiritual Growth - Part 42 Peter 3:18PDF download
03/10/19Grace & the God of Second Chances - Part 3Luke 15:11-32PDF download
02/17/19What is Grace? - Part 2Romans 3:21-26PDF download
02/03/2019What is Grace? - Part 1John 1:14-18PDF download