Discipleship Seminar


We would like to welcome you to our first-ever Discipleship Seminar from January 24-26, 2020. Pastor Matt Von will be our guest speaker. Join us at the Family Life Center, as we dive into God's word on issues of discipleship and Biblical counseling. This seminar is designed to help believers seeking to grow in their ability to help others in their Christian walk. The seminar is free of charge. Light snacks and drinks will be provided, along with lunch on the 25th.

Friday, January 24:  6:00pm - 7:00pm

Session 1: Can the Gospel really change me and others?

    • We will examine the power of the Gospel and the awesome opportunity that we have to be Christ’s Ambassadors in this world.

Saturday, January 25:  10:00am - 2:00pm (lunch to be served)

Session 2: What’s really disordered and dysfunctional in our lives?

    • We will discover the way God designed mankind to live in relationship with Him and how everyone experiences disorder and dysfunction in their lives.

Session 3: What are the Dynamics of Biblical Change?

    • In this session, we will consider the four key questions of Biblical change.
      • What was the situation?
      • How did I react or respond?
      • What was my heart thinking, desiring and choosing?
      • How does the Gospel apply to me in the situation?

Session 4: Why does the Bible focus on the heart?

    • We will explore the thinking, desiring, and  choosing functions of the heart and how the Gospel transforms our hearts at every level.

Sunday, January 26:  9:30am - 10:15am 

Session 5: God’s Daily Design for Christ like Living.

    • We will study Israel’s Exodus & Wilderness experience to reveal Discipleship Principles for living and growing in our walk with God.
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