Come to Christianity 101

Life is full of questions...

A few of which (and only a few) have answers capable of changing your life. These are the big questions of life: where did I come from? where am I going? … and they lead us to the ultimate questions – Is there a God? Is the Bible true? If there is a God, how can I know Him and experience His power in my life?

We invite you to join us for this series, beginning Sunday, October 3, at Harvest Baptist Church – as we open the Bible to discover the real meaning of life.

Series Parts

Part 1 – Establishing Foundations (Genesis 1:1; Romans 1:19-20)
Part 2 – What In the World Went Wrong? (Genesis 3)
Part 3 – Is Sin Serious? (Romans 3)
Part 4 – Is There An Answer? (John 3)
Part 5 – How Can I Be Saved? (John 3)

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